1 Oct

Sometimes I just feel like I have forgotten something! Something that is wrong, something I overlooked, someone I overlooked. I get this feeling alot! Maybe my brain is on overdrive with the kids and the cakes, and the housework, and working on opening a shop….I sit and think..hmmmm. What did I forget?

I am secretly waiting for my brain to shut down because of too much memory space taken up, and holding too many things that have to either be done, said, ordered….etc. The list goes on! I am actually surprising myself on how much I am blogging! But, I think I look forward to sharing! Those of you that like what I write or post, to me, you are kind of  a saviour for me! I don’t have people to share my cake and kids with. My friends don’t really count because I am more of their sounding board. I don’t really voice complaints or concerns, or even my own excitement with opening a shop, or that my youngest can get down the stairs on his own. I am the listener. The non-judgemental person that anyone can say anything to, and they know I will listen. When I vent, it’s to my hubby. I do call a specific friend every once in a while when I really need to hear another opinion, another point of view. She is a couple of hours from me, and we grew up together since we were in diapers. She knows me. She can lift me when I am down, and she can make me think thoughts that never entered my mind before, see things differently! I need her!

I love and appreciate all of my friends, but I can’t seem to release in front of them! I can’t just talk about me, but this blog is a great outlet because it was created for me, about me and my kids and cakes, and anything I want to talk about. I can just talk, vent, explore, share….anything!

For those of you who read Cakes And Kids, I want to thank you, for be my sounding board, and for being interested!


2 Responses to “Hmm”

  1. alreadyredeemed October 2, 2010 at 12:47 pm #

    YOU ARE BLOWING MY MIND WITH YOUR POSTS!! I freaking love you and love reading your thoughts & seeing what inspires and motivates you. I love you so much!!!


  2. alreadyredeemed October 2, 2010 at 12:47 pm #

    p.s. Did I mention that I love you???


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