Cake Dreams

1 Oct

I want to share with you some of my favourite cake artists! These are true professionals that do AMAZING cake creations! The amount of time and work that goes into these works of art are just astounding!

One of my favourites of all time is Mike’s Amazing Cakes! You will be absolutely blown away by his creations. You may have seen him on some Challenge shows on the food network. I want to be this good! But, I am sure, when you are this good, the price is that good as well! ha! ha! The most amazing one that I have seen has got to be his dragon! What a cake!

Mike McCarey (Mike's Amazing Cakes) creating Shaggy for a Scooby Doo cake

Aren’t they just incredible? I know there are only 2 pictures here, but wow! I am almost speechless! To be able to talk to this man and get inside his head when he has a cake creation to make! Ah! I have seen him on Challenge before, and he is a detail guy! His characters are on point every time! He really is a perfectionist, which makes him incredible in his field! The structures that he does and has done are ridiculous, and I am sure it takes a lot of inside structure for these cakes! I am gushing…am I gushing? Okay, I will stop, on to the next cake crush of mine!
Another site, I know alot of people have seen already, I have actually received alot of pictures from customers wanting me to recreate this company’s cakes. It’s The Pink Cake Box. These are really fun cakes, so clean looking and even though I love their cakes, to me, they all seem to be the same structure with different themes and colours. Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful and I aspire to be just as good some day as well!

Anne Heap of Pink Cake Box

There is another cake studio that I love, love, love. Based out of Toronto, these cake masterpieces are stunning! They take about 40-80 hours to complete one cake. So much detail! I have tried to go onto the site, but it is under construction right now.
Alexandria and Jessica are the owners, one is a pastry chef….but that is all I know for sure right now! They have more talent in their little finger, than most of us have in our whole body! Talented for sure!
So, here are some of their creations!
To be this good I feel might be in my future, as long as I work hard and get some great help along the way! The right tools help too! I work with a limited supply of tools right now.
But, as long as we have goals in life, we won’t get bored and just take a back seat to life!
There you have it! My cake dreams and aspirations, to be as good as these artists in the future!

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