Bedtime Blues

1 Oct

My youngest son does not like going to bed, but he doesn’t complain (cry) about it for long before he is out cold and dreaming about playing in toilet water (his new hobby)! This, is fairly simple, to put him to bed, with exception of the guilt because he cries! My oldest, however, is a completely different story! Sometimes I think he has multiple personalities! And he isn’t even a Gemini! Ha! Ha! (That’s for you Steph!) First, he goes completely berserk when his father comes home from work. He will be nice and calm, just out of the tub, comfy pajamas on, eating an apple and watching the Backyardigans, then…..the door opens and there comes Daddy! Well! A switch just goes off in his little body that says ‘ I’m gonna be a pain in the butt!’ He gets loud and doesn’t listen to anyone. He obviously wants attention from his father, and I don’t blame him on that, it’s just the way that he acts to get that attention! And……just watching the words that I write at this moment, I thought that maybe, he is acting this way to get attention…..good or bad! Ah, that makes me very sad! Now, my husband is a great person with alot of heart and (ahem) soul! He is a good father, but I have to say, he lacks greatly in the patience department. So, maybe my son knows that he can really tick off his dad, and that gets him attention. Now, I just have to find a way for him to realize that he can get his dad’s attention without being a hyper-hypo!

So, I got a little off topic! Bed time!  Tonight is the perfect example! Granted, my son is not feeling well, and is very, very tired and feeling ill. So, usually this is how it goes…..”Morley, it’s time for bed now, let’s go brush your teeth.” “No, I don’t want to, later”, “No, now, let’s go!” “AW!” Reluctantly he goes to the bathroom where Gord puts the toothpaste on to Morley’s toothbrush and he comes running out to see me with toothbrush in mouth, ready for me to brush his pearly whites for him(which I don’t mind, because I know that his teeth are clean at least!). Then, he has to rinse out his mouth and go pee before bed. At this time, he kicks Gord out of the bathroom and shuts the door, telling Gord to “get out”. This, Gord hates, and I don’t think that Morley should being saying that or disrespecting his father…..even though he has no idea what respect is right now! So, Gord waits. Morley comes out of the bathroom and takes his stance right in front of the boob tube, just standing. I ask him for a kiss and hug, which he does, many times over to avoid the dreaded bed! This leads to having to go upstairs to bed where Daddy will read him a couple of stories before lights out. This is a pretty good gig for him! Daddy tucks him in and reads him some fables! I would love that treatment! I got that treatment when I was young……just was too young to appreciate it!

Well, he starts crying and fighting. He wants to sleep in our bedroom. Which I absolutley loathe. If he moves to our bed, he rolls and kicks and gets way too close for me to sleep! So, a battle is had! “Upstairs to your room”, “No! I want to sleep in your room”, “No, upstairs”, “Mommy, I want to sleep in your room” (said with the cutest little sad face ever! With tears on his cheeks) “No, Daddy said upstairs, now go to bed”. This can go on for a while! So, depending on how tired he is, and willing to let sleep take him, he will either fight until Gord breaks a gasket, or he will concede and go upstairs! NOW!!! Isn’t that quite the battle, just to get a 3 year old to bed? UGH! Something definitley has to change there! My everlasting mother guilt makes me a sucker, and when I see the sad face and tears, I just crumble! But, I know not to give in (mostly)! By the time Gord comes downstairs from the night’s events, he is broken! I feel bad, because Morley is constantly asking for Mommy to do things for him, instead of Daddy. Tonight, Gord and Morley had a royal battle trying to get pajamas on! Have you ever had to hold your kid with your legs wrapped around them so they won’t slide away? It’s pretty funny when you see it happen! But it’s a bitch to try to get a little soldier dressed when they don’t want to! That is like trying to wrestle a snake! Wriggly and sneaky! Little enough to sneak out at any opening!

By the time bed time comes, I am pretty much done for the day! Gord takes on this time because he works late, and only gets to spend 45 minutes with Morley at night. Sacrifice, disappointment, guilt, anger, love, infatuation, obsession, heart break…..all in one night! Poor Gord! Poor Morley! They love each other, and they are so alike, but so different! So, there is an inside look at my house at Morley’s bedtime! Fun stuff huh? Everyone should try having a 3 year old at least once in their life! Just to appreciate quiet when they are asleep!


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