A Little Bit of Whimsy!

27 Sep

In the cake world, there are all sorts of trends that come and go! Like wedding cakes, it used to be the tiered cakes with the fountains underneath and the cakes on the side, with the plastic stairs leading to each….then the tiered cakes with flowers and piping, then the fondant covered tiered cakes, and the latest has been cupcakes, and now cake truffles, individual cakes are on the rise for demand.

Traditional Fountain Wedding Cake (not mine)

Also, birthday cakes have changed within the years! No more standard character cakes, or the cakes with the weird looking buttercream clowns with plastic heads (just weird!) Now, the requests I am getting more and more of are for whimsical/topsy turvy/mad-hatter cakes. These cakes look pretty cool. They are a trick of the eye. Crooked cakes! It takes a while to get used to the tricks of pulling it off, but when I got it, I was pretty happy and more confident to do it! Believe it or not, my first request for one of these cakes was for a wedding! Talk about nervous! Whew! But, anything can be done, especially when you research and try it out!

Standard Character Cake (also not mine)


Whimsical cake, all buttercream with white chocolate monogram

Cake covered in fondant with fondant accents

Cake covered in buttercream icing with fondand figures and accents

 Here are some examples of  some whimsical cakes that I have done, and some pictures of some whimsical cakes that I really love (that I haven’t done myself).

Whimsical birthday, covered in buttercream with fondant accentsAll fondant with fondant accents

Not mine, but it is really pretty!

Cake covered in buttercream icing with fondant accents

Not mine. Its very girly, but look at the details, and the structure must be kick ass!

I really love doing every cake that I get to make, but some are just more rewarding! The last two cakes that you see are not mine, but they are very clean and just beautiful! I will get there some day! With more time, and more help, I will get there!  Just think the next time you are going to order a cake…..what makes it stand out from all other cakes? Make it personal, make it just the way you like it! The more information that you give your cake decorator, the more spectacular it should be! Just try not to confuse the decorator! ha! ha!  If it is me who has the pleasure of making your next cake, just remember, I have blonde hair! Boo!!!! That was cheap and I know it! ha! ha!


2 Responses to “A Little Bit of Whimsy!”

  1. susan September 27, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    LOVE THE CAKES!! 🙂 you are fantastic, girl!! 🙂

    (this is amber’s friend..)

    from su.


  2. jamieleigh November 30, 2012 at 5:25 am #

    nice cakes lol


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