I Hate Laundry!

26 Sep

The kids are happy right now watching Toopy & Binoo, supper is cooking in the oven, and laundry is being done. Laundry! The daunting every day task that just has to be done! I am going to be bold and say I, Amy Bourgon, HATE doing laundry! I never used to. I never minded a stack of laundry to be done and put away, I prided myself on my folding and organizing skills of this task! But, that was before children! Now, there is always a tote in their bedrooms ready for me to throw stuff in that doesn’t fit anymore, so I can sort it and address it later, putting it in an appropriate bin to be labeled and stored in the basement for someone else who needs that particular size. This, is alot in itself, the way the kids are growing! And the labels on the clothes are not always correct. Adam is wearing some things that say 9-12 months, some that say 18-24 months, and he is 16 months. Morley is wearing some things that say 2, 3, & 4! and he is 3!

Every couple of months, I have to search the bins in the basement and drag them upstairs to go through, and wash. Even though they were washed and clean when they were stored, they don’t keep that fresh smell, however tight the bin is! I am going to try packing some dryer sheets in with the next bin that needs to be stored, to see if they keep the fresh and clean smell. So, now that I have ransacked the basement for another ten tons of clothes for the kids, I have to wash them all. My laundry room is piled high of clothes, and it seems like there is no end! I don’t mind putting it in the washer or even the dryer, or folding the rotten stuff! But I hate putting it all away! Putting clothes away may seem easy for the ordinary person, but, my oldest likes to play with his drawers and my husband likes to shuffle through all his t-shirts and leaves a pile of half folded, untidy, wrinkly shirts! UGH!!! I spend time folding and putting away! This irks me to no end! So, when putting away clothes, I have to re-fold everything that was folded and stacked neatly previously!  Another reason why I hate it, is my back! A nerve in back back has a tendency to pinch when I do too much bending and twisting, or even if I sleep wrong. Which intensifies my hatred! ha! ha!

I appreciate everything that I have in my life, and everyone in it. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that I should just be happy that my kids are clothed and we have everything that we need. But, sometimes a person just has to bitch! ha! ha! My cakes are done for the weekend, my oldest is back from his grandparents, and all is good! Just getting over a really bad cold. Looking forward to a day with the family on Tuesday!  It’s house organizing time for me. Bins, and bins, totes and new shelving, organizing and probably some painting! I love that stuff! Just hate laundry! Can ya tell?


One Response to “I Hate Laundry!”

  1. thelandofla September 29, 2010 at 11:18 am #

    Hi, love.
    You are a funny lady. I knew you disliked laundry but I didn’t know it has reached this horrific level. If I could I would do everything for you — only because you do everything for me and the kids.
    Ps. I tried to do laundry this morning but there wasn’t any detergent (after I loaded the clothes and put in the softener).
    Pps. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Love you.


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