Another Busy Week!

22 Sep

Well, now that I have had my 2 days worth of down-time, it’s busy again! Only one wedding cake this week! But, there is also about 14 other cakes! What do I have? I have to do, 2 whimsical cakes, one christening cake which is going to be feminine and pretty, pink with white flowers and a white ribbon and bow, and a baby angel sleeping on the top! I have the sushi cake to do…..which makes me happy! I love to do things that I have never done before! I have a purse, and some celebration cakes to do as well. A couple of flat art cakes, and then the week will be over again for another couple of days!                                                       

My husband felt bad for me today because my back has been out and hurting for the last 3 days. So, he did some laundry! WOW!! This was his first attempt at laundry since I banished him from the laundry room 5 years ago for shrinking my favourite underwear! ha! ha! So, that made me pretty happy, and it kind of felt good that he saw me struggling to do everything here that I can, and being in pain made it so much harder to do! I love him! He is such a good man! Last week was INSANE for cakes! I was all week and it felt like it didn’t stop! But, it is so much fun too!

My mom is taking my oldest son for the weekend, which gives me some nice quality time with my youngest! He loves his older brother and follows him around the house! He laughs and laughs at him! It is so cute! But, being an only child for a couple of days will be good as well! It will give both of them some one on one time with other people! My parents just adore my children, and spoil them like crazy! Ah, don’t you just love parents! I never really appreciated my parents like I should have until I had children! For all of those that have children, I am sure you understand! Look what we put our parents through! I mean, look what you put your parents through! I, was a model child, perfect in every way! ha! ha!! Yeah, right! Well, we get what we give, and that is a tough lesson to learn! Especially when raising “mini me’s”!

My youngest is Adam, and he is quite the charmer! He is so adorable with his blue eyes and blonde curly hair! He has quite the opposite personality of my oldest! Adam is shy! He is quiet, and for now, he listens! He is not quite the cuddly one that Morley is though, which makes me a little sad, but he loves to be around his father and I! He just learned to go down the stairs! So, I guess it’s time for a big boy bed! A thought that makes me proud and hesitant at the same time! But, it’s got to be done! No soother, and soon, no crib!

Wow! What a week! My husband does laundry and my baby climbs down the stairs! Now, for me to lose the extra 50 pounds that has been just hanging around! HA!


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