A Great Night Out!

19 Sep

I have to tell you that it is very rare that my husband and I get to have a night out. With the cake business, his work hours and the kids, it’s almost impossible! Plus, he is a homebody and likes his time at home. I, on the otherhand, love to be out amongst people. Being a former bartendar/server, I love it! People watching is one of the most fun forms of entertainment, unless, of course, you have just experienced the best night that I have tonight!

It is 1:49am as I am typing this. Our night is over, but my head is still spinning from the greatest time! My husband, sister-in-law and brother-in-law just got back from Jazz & Blues In The Village. The band that we just saw was AMAZING!!! First of all, Jazz & Blues In The Village is a great time and the proceeds help the SODA foundation, which is The Sarnia Organ Donor’s Awareness Group. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of the need for organ donation through education, awareness and exposure in the community as well as offering financial support & assistance for those going through a transplant.

Now, for the band! The band is called The David Rotundo Band. They blew my socks off!!!! You might think that jazz and blues is something that old people listen to, or something to listen to when you are down and out, out of luck, just bummed, but this is not the case. All of you who are under 35 should heed my words and just listen! There are good bands that are okay to listen to, and then there are great bands that have all the soul that you feel and just can’t say! These guys were sooooo cool! AND their manager is a woman! YAY!

My husband was so excited to see these guys, I had to surprise him and get a sitter for the night! The experience was awesome! My brother-in-law listens to AC/DC and some other older rock stuff and he LOVED this band! David Rotundo is the lead singer and plays the harmonica, which is just unreal! Going into the crowd and getting them all riled up, just working it! I have never seen another lead like it! He also worked his band like a well oiled machine! The hand gestures and forms of direction he gave his band with a shake of the hand was awesome to watch, like I was the only one that noticed! He lead the crowd! The lead guitar was astoundingly talented, and I must say, quite handsome! He ruled the strings, and he is playing with them for 6 months. He is from Italy, on loan! Ha ha!!! The Rythm guitar was Des Brown, this is one cool cat! I wanted to watch him all night, but the pull of the other band members kept drawing my attention just as much! The bass player was James Rasmussen, just hangin’ out and keeping everything together! Another cool cat! But, I have to say, besides the lead singer/harp, the drummer Drew Austin had it! This guy beat his drums to a pulp! The dedication to the rythm, the sheer power in his arms and legs, had our whole group in awe! The guy couldn’t keep his drums on the stage, he was into it that much! My husband is a drummer, and has seen many bands live, he said that this guy is his favourite he has ever seen! So, Drew, cheers!

All the boys in the David Rotundo Band…..good on ya! You made one cake baker/mom happy! And now, I am telling everyone!

We topped the night off with a round at Ups ‘n’ Downs where Rick Steeves was playing….which isn’t too shabby in itself! Then homeward bound! All in all, it was a great night had with great people and some kick ass entertainment! Thanks all for making a little baker/mom happy! Until my next night out, in another 4 months anyway!



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