Cakes with a Difference

18 Sep

I love creating cakes that are not your usual cake, in design and flavour! I find that the more personal the cake is to the customer, the more they love it! Every person is different, which means that every cake should be different as well! I just want to share some of the “different” cakes that I have done and have had tremendous fun creating!

Like the classic cheeseburger and fries! It may look or sound odd to eat a cake that looks like it might taste like what it looks like. But food cakes are pretty popular. One of my favourites is the stack of pancakes that I made for a friend’s child! It was very time consuming, but so rewarding when I got to the finished product!

The stack of pancakes took me about 6 hours to complete, and I think I was up until about 2 am finishing it! Sooooo worth it!
I think I like the reaction that I get from people when
 they see their cakes! I just like to make people happy,

Stack of pancakes

and if I can do that with something that I have created
…its so rewarding!

Massey Ferguson Tractor

The tractor was one of the most intricute cakes that I have done, with all the little details into it. I love what I do! It really is alot of fun, which really fulfills my need to be creative! My husband is happy about this because I no longer have the need to rearrange furniture and repaint every room in the house every 6 months! It was really comical before cakes! I would decide to paint a room in the morning and by the time he got home from work in the afternoon, the living room would be completely different from the way he left it! He really didn’t mind… least that is what he told me!


Wine barrel & Accessories

The dog cake was pretty intimidating to do because the customer gave me a picture of the actual dog that had died the year before! Ummmm…..yeah! I was pretty critical of my own work and I just couldn’t leave it alone, for fear of hurting some feelings or letting down the customer! But I did get a friendly email later saying that the customer’s parents (who the cake was for) loved it and the mother either cried or almost cried when she saw it. That was a big Whew!! 

Hogwart's Castle

There are some cakes that you kind of ask, ?huh?, but that is half the fun! And, I don’t ask questions! If someone says that they want a toilet cake, I make a toilet cake and that is the end of it, except for the details I will need to fulfill the order of course. There are alot of cakes out there that could really peak your interest! But I find it safe, warm and cozy in my ignorance! Ha ha!

Now, to make my kids birthday cakes that is different, that nobody else has had, is a difficult task! My son’s 3rd birthday cake is like one that I have never seen! And everyone loved it, including the birthday boy! To out-do the cakes that I have done for them the previous year is going to be a difficult task! But that is the fun part as well! It seems like there are alot of perks to my job! Well, there is!

Morley's 3rd Birthday cake

This is Morley’s 3rd birthday cake. I have called him “monkey” since he was a baby and we had a Sponge Bob themed birthday party for him this year. The top was chocolate chocolate chip cake and the bottom was coconut. It could have fed about 50-60 people.

Adam's 1st birthday cake

My son Adam’s first birthday cake just had a simple teddy bear, blue, brown and white theme. I didn’t want to make it too babyish, and not to grown and themey(is that a word?) so I went simple. He had his own smash cake, which he tore apart! He loves cake! Which is a good thing!

Adam eating his cake!

Just tearing into the cake! Cherry chocolate chip! My advice for first birthdays, when getting a smash cake, don’t be afraid of chocolate or something other than white, the flavoured cakes make for much better pictures! The white cakes seem to end up looking like hunks of slime on their faces! Let ’em get good and messy! 15 years later, you will thank me when you look at the photos!


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