The Pain!!!

17 Sep

Hello there! I am not sleeping well at all! Well, I sleep, but my back is aching in the morning and tonight my hubby just “fixed” the bed, so we will see! This has been going on for the last week….it seriously needs to stop! Busy, busy weekend for cakes and my body doesn’t want to co-operate! It seems the nerve in my back that is pinched at the present, doesn’t like me! Or I should say that whatever is crushing my nerve at the moment absolutley hates me! But enough whining! Ha, ha! I have 2 weddings and about 15 other random cakes, which, my favourite is the Chanel purse! I am really having fun, but I need some more help! I have one person who helps me one day a week, and someone to watch my kids, but I seriously need more help! Someone who is good with sculpting and just knowing how to make something like a gob of fondant turn out looking like an Elmo! Ha, ha! I know….yeah right! I am sooooo tired right now! I just answered the standard 23 emails of the day! And it’s time to hit the hay! Big day tomorrow, delivering wedding cakes! Which is nerve wracking! My whole body tenses up the night before and doesn’t ease up until the cakes are safely at their stations! 

I am adding some of my favourite cake pics…..all the wedding ones that I love so far! But I have a million photos, so if you are looking through these and I have done your wedding cake, don’t be too put off that yours isn’t here! The next cake that I am looking forward to making is for next weekend, and it’s going to look like a wooden block with sushi on it! All made out of edible sugar materials! Yay!

Good night all! Enjoy the photos!

The wedding cake directly above this was covered in buttercream icing with fondant golden leaf swags(?), this is one of my favourites because it’s so different. Not everyone would get this cake or find it beautiful, but I certainly do, and I thank the bride for ordering this cake from me so I could have the opportunity do to it!


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