3 year old turmoil

14 Sep

My oldest son Morley is a BIG handful! He has a wonderful imagination and crazy sense of humour which draws people in! Family and friends will just watch and listen to him with a smirk and a chuckle, which I just adore. He has a never ending hunger for information and explaination on EVERYTHING! He is in the “what” stage right now, which is to be expected, but I never expected the absence of silence. The on-going rambling out of this youngsters mouth! It seems to me that he has to comment on everything and it’s like he has to talk so that you know he is there and not forget him!

Photo by Amber Chudy

There is NO chance that anyone could forget him. I feel like I have been unprepared for this stage of his life! It’s very easy to forget that he is just 3 years old and he doesn’t know what I know. His language skills make this very easy to forget, especially when he repeats and understands almost everything that is said and what is around him. I sometimes lose my patience, but I am almost certain that most parents do from time to time. Unless you are like my good friend Shannon, who is Mary friggen Poppins! She has such an easy way of speaking and explaining things that makes me green with envy! I do question myself alot about my own parenting of my kids, sometimes I feel like I am going crazy, and that I don’t know what the heck I am doing. But other times I feel so great, like when Morley comes up to me and wants a hug and kiss and tells me that he loves me. Right in that moment, I know I am doing a good job!

Right now, I have introduced some flash cards to him, the alphabet and numbers. He knows his numbers from 1-10 and he knows the alphabet, but I would like for him to be a genius! Just like every parent wants their kids to be the smartest and cleverest one! I have come to expect that he will be of average to advanced in intelligence because of his inquistiveness. But maybe that is just a mother’s bias! I try to explain everything that he asks about, if I know the answer, and I try to introduce new words and songs to him alot. My husband and I read to him everyday.

Occupied and quiet at the beach

The behaviour, or misbehaviour is another issue completely! He is certainly testing his boundaries with his father and myself! UGH! He says “no” and “don’t sass me”, and anything else that I have told or said to him when he has been misbehaving! This….is frustrating to say the least! I have mastered the time out chair though! Just by watching one episode of Super Nanny, I caught on to the time out trick! I put him in time out for 3 minutes, if he stands up or gets out of time out, he is put back and the time is put right back to a full 3 minutes. I have to do this about 6 times until he catches on that he is not getting up until 3 minutes are over without any interruption. After this, he minds himself when I threaten time out! I truly think that the phone is an invitation for kids to be as loud and abnoxious as possible, I know that my friends also have the same problems. I think he knows that I will just deal with him later, or forget once I am off the phone, but when I am talking and especially when I am taking cake orders, this is when he wants to be the biggest brat and clingiest kid in the world. Now, don’t take offence to the word “brat”, it is meant in only the lovingest way possible when dealing with a little man that won’t listen, and who thinks he knows better! Ha Ha!

Being goofy

I truly love him with everything that I am, but seriously, just give me 5 minutes without the narration of your poop! He has to tell me when he has to poop, then I get an account of how big his poop is! I guess they never get out of this! My husband also has to tell me when he has to go! “In case you are looking for me”, he says! Yeah, oh yeah! Funny, right?

The thing that I find the funniest right now with Morley is the fact that he is so innocent and dosen’t know how to decieve yet! I will ask him what he did, and he will tell me if he was bad or not. “What did you do?” I will ask, in return he will say something like “I pushed Adam down”! Well, in a way, I hope he never out grows this, but for sure one day he will put two and two together and understand that when he tells me what he did wrong, along comes a punishment! Sometimes when he is being a little……boy, and giving me a hard time, when he is down right being mean or yelling or something, I just break down and want to laugh my head off and I want to yell and cry at the same time! This feeling doesn’t really have a name, but it should. It’s the most bizarre emotion I have ever had, and had never had until I had kids! It’s kind of euphoric in a twisted way!

Any way he acts, I will have to react, good or bad. But down in the centre of him is a soft and cushy, warm and fuzzy great little boy whom I love more than life! I know that he will grow out of this stage……I just don’t know when!


2 Responses to “3 year old turmoil”

  1. fallenangel39 September 14, 2010 at 1:18 pm #

    Do the best job you can do to provide your children with a loving home,teach them morals,values and respect and no one can ever fault you as a parent.Good luck 🙂


  2. alreadyredeemed September 15, 2010 at 8:02 am #

    You’re doing an amazing job as a mom. Morely is a sweet kid and being active isn’t a bad thing. He’s fantastic and so are you!


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