Welcome to my busy life!

13 Sep

My name is Amy Bourgon, I am a 30-something mother of 2 young boys; Morley (3yrs) and Adam(15 months). I also have a cake business called Bake Me A Cake in the Sarnia area, and a husband. My life is very busy, and sometimes it is hard to keep everything and everyone in order!

Adam (15 mos.) Morley (3 yrs)

I started making cakes when I was on Maternity leave with my oldest son. My sister-in-law was making cakes for family functions, and I thought….I can do that! So, I did!  I have a background in the arts. I went to the local college for Graphic Design, which was great for my creative output, but not so good with finding a job locally, so when I was finished college I played around with some bartending and serving  jobs until I created my own job!

Now that I am happily married and have two adorable children and my own business, I am as happy as a cupcake!

I love my children and when I had my first, I told everyone that this is what I was meant to be…a mother! I stand by that too…there is no other position in my opinion that is so rewarding as being a parent. It gives me the most stress and guilt and heartache, there is no pay and no vacation time, but it is THE job for me!  Having said that, the 3 year old is the most work! It is harder to stick to your guns and not give in, to discipline and to know when to brush things off. Its a total balancing act. This is their life we are talking about! I want him to be a nice, gentle, honest, respectful, active, loving and smart child and adult. How do we accomplish this? Of course I want him to be better than I ever was and than I am now…but how? Taking one day at a time I suppose is all that we can all do! Not be too harsh, not yell too much and not be too lax in our discipline! Life is what we make it and as long as I love my kids and let them know…I think they will turn out just fine!

Running the business is another thing that can be tough! The cakes that I do are not all ordinary, and some are extreme, which is the way I like it!

My first cake ever decorated (2007)

I have taught myself pretty much everything that I know just by researching on the internet and watching how-to videos on You Tube. There are some great resources on the net!  My first cake that I ever decorated was just an experiment to see what I do to with a piping bag! I gave it to a friend of mine to try, and she is the one who ordered the first cake from the new Bake Me A Cake business! October of 2007 was my first official order and that month I had 8 cake orders. Now, I can have up to 24 cake orders in a weekend!

Wedding cake (2010)

I am always looking for something out of the box and new creative ways to do cakes!

It’s really busy, and really tough to keep the house, the kids, my husband, and the business in order….but I couldn’t see myself doing anything else that I love so much and find so rewarding!

My oldest son Morley sees me making cakes and wants to help and asks me if I am making a “half a batch” or a “full batch” of cake! He is so funny! And he is always right there when I get home from the shop (I rent a kitchen) to see if I brought any cake home! He is my best taste tester when I try new flavours at home! Morley and my husband Gord always have their hands out for extras or “cake bits”! I think I would be offended if they didn’t!

The Cat In The Hat (One of my favourite cakes!)


One Response to “Welcome to my busy life!”

  1. Shannon October 15, 2010 at 12:40 pm #

    Love your blog Amy! What a great way to vent and a great place to showcase your talents of parenting and baking! xoxoxoxo Shannon


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