Vintage Bridal Shower

13 Sep

So, my sister-in-law just recently married and I decided to take over the bridal shower arrangements. I am a planner, and I love throwing “functions”. I go crazy for my kids birthday parties! I got the idea for a vintage bridal shower from my good friend Amber Chudy, who is magnificents behind the camera! But she has some pretty original and awesome ideas for ALOT of things! She had helped plan a vintage bridal shower for her cousin and it looked pretty amazing! I did the cupcakes for this function of course, so I decided to try it on my own!

The table setting

I did it on a pretty tight budget, except when it came to the flowers….I can’t help it, I love gorgeous flower arrangements, and I always always always get my flowers from Bill Bush! They do an amazing job everytime! Wendy is my girl! I give her a project and she comes through and exceeds my expectations every time! Don’t get me wrong, they are all amazing floral artists there, but we all get attached to someone, and Wendy is mine!  So, I got about 5 small arrangements in some basic Bernardin canning jars, which gives it a nice light and old look to it, and a larger arrangement for the centerpiece and also for a door prize. My talented sister-in-law Carol made some home made jarred mixes and such for some other prizes and THE prize for who knew the bride the best was a beautiful vintage looking brooch and a $20 gift certificate for Kitchen Widgets on Mitton St. in Sarnia. This is just the haven for everything to do with kitchen accessories and especially if you like to throw nice dinner parties….ah! I love and hate going there because I want to get more than I can afford! The staff there are stellar as well!

Cake Truffles (not mine, but an example)

So, I set the table with the centerpiece, tea cups with some vintage candies in them, like the pink popcorn that I remember as a kid, the “old lady mints” I like to call them, you know, they are kind of square and they are green, white, pink and yellow! And also some yummy jelly beans! Also, I got some nice glasses at the Dollar Store! Ha! For the punch that we had made (which was pretty awesome!) We had a seperate table for sandwiches and desserts, of course there were cucumber sandwiches, which are really good when you pair it will a cream cheese infused with some dill weed! Some pinwheel sandwiches and some cheese and crackers to finish off the healthier side! On the goody table, we had some bread sticks with cinnamon sugar baked on them with a brown sugar dip on the side, some lovely cake truffles, buttertarts(my mom’s famous) and some mini cheesecakes! Everything was delicious! Thank the Lord that I had some help with the food! This shower made me so exhausted! I didnt make any cupcakes, because that is what I made for her wedding, but I am adding pics anyways, just so you can see how pretty a cupcake can be!

Vintage Cupcakes covered in buttercream icing with fondant accessories

We did have games, which really is vintage! So, I couldnt skimp on that! Bingo, Who Knows the Bride Best, and a Vintage commercial game, which was pretty funny to see everyone thinking! The door prize went to the only person who wore a hat! All of my sister-in-laws sisters got to take home one of the small arrangements in the jars. Just so you know (and sypmatize!) I have 4 sister-in-laws, who are all older than my husband(who is 18 yrs my senior).

Our Motley Crew! I'm the blonde on the far right, my cute hubby behind me!

Everything went really well and I think that Elise loved it! It was just the humidity and the rain that ruined it a little bit! I love doing this sort of thing…..but it sure is tiring! I give the utmost respect to all of those of you that have been the Maid of Honour, or the family of the bride that has had to throw a bridal shower! Sometimes you get the support, which makes things easier, and sometimes you don’t. Either way, the Bride should feel special! And I think I succeeded in this! I hope so anyways!


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