First Light

3 Aug

When faced with darkness, I was frightened.  The more scared I got, the longer the darkness prevailed, it became my shawl, my comfort, my shroud. At the deepest depths of the darkness, I shunned the light, I was frightened of the hope that the light represented. Only when I realized that the darkness was of my own creation, it was no longer a comfortable misery.

A stream of light flickered in my consciousness. My inner battle had begun and I had become determined to stand and battle my own darkness.

I made up my mind. Through some reading, listening and self realization, I learned that the light which I craved now had always been there. It had always been here. HERE. Right here, within me. A simple thought change can open up the true world, full of love and positivity, happiness, joy and inner peace.

I have found the road.

I have work to do still. I battle my own thoughts every day. I am rewiring myself. Self improvement everyday. Trying to accept my own mistakes and not holding on to the past. Creating my own day for what I see in it. To suffer is to be human, to have joy and peace and to learn from every experience is something a little different.

We are all the same, we are all different. No one is better than anyone else.

I have seen my first ray of light to walk this path, my journey is set and I hope to enlighten all of my surroundings as well as my path so I may enjoy every single thing every single day.



Peace Starts Now

14 May

f5f14abb10a9270f648413a424a2a9fbI have briefly told you of the recent changes that I have gone through. It feels so good to be me! It all started when I started reading a book called The Tibetan Art of Living. Right away the things the author was telling me were so simple yet I never thought of them on my own. How easy it is to be at peace in your mind and body and soul. I had already done all of the nasty bits and saw everything I had suffered through and really looked at it all purely and honestly… I thought.

Once I let go, once I realized a few things….then the real truth came. I am now different yet the same. I have the same heart, which is full of love, compassionate and open to everyone, but I am different because things like words and actions and behaviors of others do not penetrate the radiance of my heart and in that, there is peace.

Attachment is the cause of all suffering. I have learned to detach. It may seem cold to say, but really it is not. Attachment for me is mostly expectations. If I hold no expectations then I can never be upset or disappointed. I do not expect anyone to love me as I love them, I do not expect a present on my birthday, I do not expect anyone to call me back when I call them. There is no pain or suffering when I don’t expect things of others, or of things. It is to say that I cannot change things or people. I cannot wish for others to think as I think or act as I act. When thinking of, say, an addict, I do not judge as others may urge me to. This “addict” is a person, he has a name, he has a past a present and a future. He has made decisions for himself, it is not for me to decide whether the way he lives is good or bad, it just IS. On the same note, I shall not dare to judge or treat others differently because of their current situation or look or mood and demeanor, everyone deserves kindness, love and respect enough for others to just let them be who they are.  There is no harm in kindness. There is harm in attachment. The only harm in attachment is harm of ourselves. This is a self inflicted pain, always.

I am letting you in on my state of mind. My peace and my reasoning and thought process.

It feels so wonderful to be able to stay unattached in a state of crisis or in a situation of grief etc. My husband and I are on the same path, the same enlightened state and we are both so calm now when encountering a crisis. We have realized that we cannot change anything, we feel our feelings and we don’t hold onto them or let them control us. We feel and let go. Of course we are always there for anyone who needs us, but we don’t hold onto pain any longer.

This is so calming, it feels like I can appreciate the life I have as I live it. I enjoy every moment. Even doing laundry. Yes, me….enjoying laundry. Laundry means that I have loved ones surrounding me, that we have clothing, we have water, that I have motion in my body and that we are clean. Laundry means so much more than a chore that has to be done. I see the truth.

With my enlightened state of being, I also enjoy and make time for myself. I enjoy alone time. I can look at myself and smile. I feel and look younger, I feel and look healthier. I am rarely overwhelmed and I am never anxious. As you can see in these two pictures of me, one taken last year and one taken today, much in and about me has changed. I don’t force a smile to make it look like I am happy. I still smile, but I feel more calm. With the peace, has come with self respect, and I have lost over 30 pounds in just over a month. I  no longer hiding. Start from within and it radiates. 20170514_13052220160701_214142

I have made myself a calming space of my own, a meditative space and a space where I can be alone and think and just be. 20170514_130602I go here every day now, for at least an hour.

It has made a huge change with the entire family. My life has now just begun anew with fresh eyes and an open mind and heart. Have a wonderful day all!

I Choose Now

26 Apr

The blogs you have read previously have had a very depressed, anxious and just all around dreary tone. The subject matter was something I couldn’t run from and I let everyone in on how I was feeling, how it feels to go through specific traumas and to let others know that they are not alone.

You still aren’t alone….but there is a better way.

I am now sharing my path the happiness and real joy, calm and love for myself. It’s not the way for everyone…I just want to share my experience in hopes that it will help even one person.

During the last two years, I have not made life easy for myself.

Looking back, I can see now that I have been living in the past. The traumas I had gone through when I was younger had started hanging around me like a black cloud of smoke. It stayed there, hanging around me, making me constantly aware of its presence and pressing me to always remember. As time went on, the cloud increased in size and density. This started clouding my vision. I could scarcely see and distinguish between reality and thought. My loved ones became more distant from me, I knew they were there, but I couldn’t touch them or laugh with them and listen to them. At that point the cloud started in on me, I was breathing it in and it permeated every vessel in my body and mind. I was drowning, the smoke had changed form into a black tar-like substance weighing me down and keeping me where I was. Cold, dark, lonely and now, fully depressed. The coldest cold. I saw no sunlight, I felt no warmth. I knew I needed saving. This was the darkest days I have ever seen. People started getting scared. My weight ballooned and I had then become bigger than I had ever been in my lifetime.

A friend took me to CMHA to get me some help. I enrolled in therapy at SASC and I could start seeing some help about to happen.

Then, my husband happened to bring home a book. I read the first 3 or 4 pages and in that instant, my life changed forever. With every word, sentence, paragraph and chapter that I read I was seeing the light.  I was seeing that I could shed myself of all of the black tar of painful memories and lead a better life. I can do this! I am not a victim. I am human. I am a pure source of energy, electricity and love.

I will heal. I can heal and I do not need anything or anyone to get me there except for myself. I am responsible for what happens and how I feel about things front here on out. There will be no more labels of depression or anxiety, stress, post traumatic stress disorder, down in the dumps or even a bad day. I created all of this, and I will make it disappear. I am a radiant light.

My eyes have been opened. And when I let myself really understand, I mean, to the depth of my soul understand, this is when I took off that black mass of a suit  which was all of my pain. I took it off, pulled it from my insides and let it out of my lungs. When I let out that breath, to push it from my lungs, a fantastical thing happened. It was no longer a black smoke, it came out as beauty, as love, forgiveness, and light. I learned right then, that I have the power to turn a negative into a positive. Not even that, i have the power to see things, everything as a positive, I can choose to not make judgements, I choose to live for right now. I no longer live back there. I no longer hang on to it. Everyone has suffered in some way. Everyone.  To be human is to suffer.  And the root of this suffering is attachment, and I let that stuff go. I dug from the inside out, I scraped out every bit of negativity I had harboured in my soul and I let it all go.  It came out and I have not seen it since. I am happy.

I love who I am. I am grateful for the love I recieve.

I have decided to live. I live right now. In this instant, in this moment. I am not living 30 years ago. I am not living 20 years in the future. I am right here, right now, and every moment counts. I decide to look myself in the eyes. I can do that now. The shame has gone.  The hatred has evaporated. Today is beautiful and I can smile.

The Dream

24 Mar

Yesterday was a hell of a day. The emotional rollercoaster was way too bumpy and curving. It made me feel sick. After sharing a bottle of wine with my husband after the kids went to bed, I went to bed.

In that sleep, I dreamt.

There I was, with a little baby girl in my arms.  I knew she was mine. I could see the curl in her blonde hair and the kissable little lips. The look in her eyes of total trust, and my heart was hers. I looked around and found myself in a precarious situation. I was at point A but I had to get to point B and there was no straight line to get from one to the other. I had to manage my way through twists and turns, all sorts of dangerous obstacles.  I held my baby close, and I went for it. She was fine. She thought we were playing a game, her trust never breaking. I was scared. Things started moving under my feet and I had to make a move before we both went down to our doom. Leaping over things, tucking and rolling, my heart racing. When I looked down at her face,  I felt nothing but pure love and joy. I would do anything to protect her. I would save her, I would save myself because she needed me.

I made it to point  B.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I wrapped you arms around my husband and told him that I dreamt that I had a baby daughter, and that she was beautiful. But that statement didn’t seem right. I took a minute and thought about it.

That baby girl was ME. I was protecting myself. The child that was hurt so many years ago, I was making sure that she was not going to get hurt now. Maybe I dreamt this because I can see myself on a new journey to discover myself again, preparing myself to go through the emotional pain again by retelling my story, or even just telling the whole entirety of my story to someone. That baby girl, the innocent one is still there, still inside. This also tells me that I still have some memories locked away somewhere. Something more hidden to prevent further injury.

That baby girl is beautiful. She is innocent. The part of her that grew, that endured the humiliation, the pain, the subjectification, she grew to be me. I don’t want her to see it. I want to protect her from the nastiness of the human race, I do not prevent her to see beauty, the innocence is still there in times of wonder and joy and when something is beautiful, I am her when I am doing a good deed and experiencing something truly wonderful with my children. We all have moments like that, the wonder, the awe and the complete joy that comes with certain situations and experiences. With my disorder, it puts these feelings almost at a halt. I revel in it when the feeling comes.

It is a tight rope that I walk. A constant balancing act.

I can’t wait until I can get down. I can’t wait until I am a whole person again. Until I can feel things and let things happen.

Not right now but soon. For now it’s only a dream.



There’s A Plan

23 Mar

My world has been like a giant ship in the middle of a huge storm as of late. I have been hanging on for dear life, looking for any kind of direction, anything I can do to save myself, even looking for land to no avail. I have been going through moments of being in the eye of the storm where it is calm but I know a rush of destruction  is about to show itself to me, to being whipped around like a rag doll feeling no better than before and feeling like there is no end in sight. Still…my grip is firm.

Now that there is a lull between storms, I have only my thoughts. With these, I do not know what to do….from not knowing how to make the right decisions for fear they will be the wrong ones, to not knowing how to communicate after going through such a terrible thing alone. Something feels wrong. I feel wrong. I feel out of place, still, stagnant. I am striving to find something to do and everything I think of, I shouldn’t do at this moment or I can’t.

Reality has now eluded me. I have just woken from a dream state and I am not quite sure which is still dream and which is reality.

I hate this feeling.  High highs…low lows. And a mix of the shit storm in between. I have been shipwrecked and now I am wandering on a deserted island alone, knowing nothing, there is no one here, it’s a wasteland.

I have been on an emotional rollercoaster for 3 days straight.  I have told my story to yet another professional who may or may not be able to help me. I have been let down before. I have an appointment to see someone on Tuesday, I am looking forward to this. For the time being I will have to keep trucking along like I am completely fine on the inside and out. I am not a complete human any longer. I feel like I look like a piece of Swiss cheese. I have been emotionally battered and poked, and then the physical aspect of it, like pieces of who I really am are missing.  These pieces make me whole and now they are gone. Those rotten bastards who have done me wrong have taken these pieces. I want them back. I want to be a full person again. I have searched for these pieces….with no success.  I am hoping these professionals can help me look for them. I hope I can just be whole again.  That is what I want.

A whole person on calm seas, with my loved ones and not a worry in sight. That outcome is so far away, maybe even unreachable….but I have to try. This time, I hope everything will be different. I am not alone. I will accept help this time. I want to let my mother know, but I fear it. She is so strong, she is my hero. How do you tell your hero you are broken? You don’t. Period.

I now have a horizon to look forward to. I have a plan. I have people pushing at the right doors for me. Fruition of the dream might come to pass.

Wish me luck, I hope you stay with me on my journey.

Physical Manifestation

21 Mar

As you know and keep on being reminded….I’m crazier than a mad hatter! My anxiety pretty much rules my everyday life and I try to battle with it and accept it and deal with it accordingly as I see fit. I try all sorts of different things to deal with it and make every day living easier to bear. Today, I cannot deal. Today, I am not coping and the anxiety is making itself known in more of a physical way.

I woke up feeling that something was not right, that I did something wrong or that something was wrong in general, and when things don’t feel right I automatically believe that I am in the wrong. I am to blame for all the wrong things that happen to anyone I am associated with. This is only one of the battles, but today it was a war.

I have been at war with myself all day long. Having an internal conversation with myself about what I have done wrong and how I can fix it and if anyone is mad at me for anything and how I can fix that, and why they are mad. I have a hard time being misunderstood and just “dealing” with it when someone does not want to open themselves to a heart to heart conversation with me about something when I feel the need to do it. I agonize and torture myself if someone will not see the other side of a situation. I find it hard to accept an injustice. I am giving myself an attack just thinking about it. My mind is racing. I feel hot in the face and then comes the stomach ache. I feel nauseus, I want to throw up. I want to bury my head as far down as I can. I want a hug, I need to cry. You know, having to cope with all of these feelings is very hard and I just can’t do it somedays. Most of the time I want a person around me, or to talk just to be listened to, but today…… I need to feel the pain alone. I know I am writing this so all can read, and that is fine, you are not in my house, you are not begging me to pay attention to you and to ask me that ever pressing question of where a certain container or dish goes. The every day things aren’t working for me today. I try to get myself out of my own head and switch things up a little bit. I went for a walk with my family, I went for a coffee, went to see my sister in law and drove through the park… no avail. I started feeling worse. Oh, how I want to vomit.

There is a sick feeling, have you ever said something or done something pretty nasty or terrible that you immediately regretted and felt terrible for? That feeling, that gut wrenching, I am a bad person feeling is the feeling that follows me everywhere.

I want to leave this brain sometimes and step into a new one. Go inside a brain that has no whiplash reaction to something that isn’t even there. The residue of past abuse. I want all of that scraped clean. Like if I could physically go in there and take a magic eraser to all the worst things that were done to me, I might be okay. I might be able to face everyday life without the haunting feeling of something being wrong looming over me. Like a giant black cloud that follows me. It hangs out inside my head and when days are really bad, it comes out and hangs out above me all day, just threatening the storm, just waiting for me to break so it can become a full blown tornado that can sweep me away into the black abyss.

This day is bad. I have done alot of things today to keep my mind busy and off of what I feel, off of the not so real, and it hasn’t had any effect. I am still a pile of poo. I want to cry until I don’t feel sick anymore. I want to be numbed. I feel the need for medication to put me to sleep so I don’t have to be in this day anymore.

It’s very vague as to why I feel this way, and I really couldn’t tell you, I just do.

When this feeling hits, it attacks me every way it possibly can. It takes on the physical manifestation like the sick feeling and the headaches and  the blushing, the heat flashes… also fucks with my head….which is the source of the problem, and then I notice that I have the shakes and I can’t concentrate very well. I am amazed that I can write this much. I can hear my husband doing the dishes and my youngest son reading him a story, the dogs nails clicking on the floor and cars driving by. This is all distracting. These noises make it hard for me to concentrate on anything and I can’t wait to have a shower and go to bed. I know I can’t. I cannot go to bed before my children. I need to stay up and pretend to be more normal than I am. I tell them of my anxiety….but they do not know the depth it has travelled into my everything, nor will I let them know. They are too young for that. My oldest would worry more than he does now.

There is alot to worry about, things like money…..ugh… money money…..debt debt debt. Wow….that has overtaken anything good and pure in my life! I don’t know how anyone does it! The hydro bill has me in such a tizzy that I feel like every day is the day we will come home to no lights. We don’t owe them $700 or anything, but it’s bad enough. Makes me feel so irresponsible, like I am not grown up enough to even have children. Like they are smarter than I will ever be!

But, I am getting away from the point.

And, what is my point? My anxiety is making me sick. They say stress is the main cause of so many ailments…. ugh….I cringe to think of everything that might be or could be wrong with me that I have caused myself just because I worry and stress so much. Let’s not go down that road today…there is enough that is wrong right now….or not wrong….I don’t quite know. Coming? Going? No clue!

I just know I am not right today. Today has been a terrible day. Today has to be over soon. Tomorrow is another day….hopefully not like this one at all.

I try to think of affirmations, but when you are so far down the hole, it’s hard to see the daylight. The dark is all I can see….the uncomfortable dampness is all I feel, along with the ever pressing feeling on my guts. You get so used to being in the dark hole, the light can sometimes be scary. There are people out there.

I hope tomorrow is brighter. I hope I can be stronger.

I need to cry.




























Not Another Post!

15 Mar

It is true, I post alot and I post things that I think in everyday life. I share my innermost thoughts and share some very sensitive things that not everyone wants to read. I know how some of the things that I say must feel to others, some roll their eyes and think that I am sharing way too much and care not to read about my life, while others (I have heard) think that it is inspiring and brave to share my story.

Now, Anxiety plays a roll in my life DAILY, while depression comes along every once in a while. But the true fact of the matter is that I cannot get out of my own head. Every day I refer to my abuse as a child, every day I wonder who I would have been without it happening to me. Every day I worry about the same thing happening to my children, which causes panic in me. I worry the most about this. I have little “worst case scenarios” that play in my head every time they go play outside. I think of someone preying on them, taking them and abusing them and worse. I shudder every time and it takes everything that I have in my to not call them back inside where I have constant control of the environment.

Today while I was preparing supper, I was thinking of how they will turn out when they are grown, how they will look, what kind of men they will be when they are older. I daydream things like that while I am alone. I predict what they will look like and what career they will strive for. Then, Mr. Anxiety shows up and I start wondering how I am going to cope letting them go….letting them move out of the house and be their own people. Having their own homes and going off to university, and their safety. This is what I worry about the most. Who is going to be there to keep them safe? Car accidents, freak things happen, and even murders. What the hell would I do then? I don’t know if I could bear it. I know, it turns selfish, it sounds selfish as I read what I write, but  I cannot help it…..this is the monster called Anxiety. This is catastrophic thoughts. This is a disorder. I cannot switch it off.

I am trying. I am really trying. I meditate and I am looking in to learning Reiki. I want to become a Reiki master. It would fit well with my husbands Holistic Nutrition and I dream that we can have our own little slice of “heaven” and do things the Holistic way and be able to sustain our finances while doing it. Ah, to dream!

But,I do think it’s  getting better, I seem to have  more of a grip on reality, which is what it feels like I have a lack of when having an anxiety attack.

Yes, it is yet again, another post about anxiety, about my struggle…..but it is real. It never leaves me.

I was trying to explain to my husband how it feels every day to be in my head. What I think of and how I cope. I told him this ” the first blowjob I ever gave was when I was 3 years old”. That is a hard pill to swallow. That makes you imagine it, to see it and fills you with so many emotions. Yes, it is true. I remember what it looked like and I remember how I felt and the hesitation and ultimately the trust that I put into that one person who I was raised like a sister to. It fills me with all sorts of emotions, and to let someone know how it feels is impossible unless they have been through it, but this is the only way that I could  verbalize the actual brutality of what was done to me. Plus, I think that it is a way to start getting prepared to tell my story to someone else who could really help me. Yes, Mark made me do  all sorts of things and he touched me where he shouldn’t have. The one good thing that I can say is that he did not mess with my virginity. He abused me from the time I was 2 or 3 until I was 5, and then again when I was 10. Only to have my first real sexual experience end up in rape, that was another story with another abuser.

Yes, anxiety is in my life forever. Yes, I will talk about it again. No, I will not shut up. It is real. Yes, it is REAL. I am jumpy, I scare easily and I feel like I am always scared. I try everyday to be better. I suffer everyday. I see the depths of my own hell as no one else can see.

I have taken you on a little voyage of my reality. The glasses are far from rose coloured. I feel better when I know I am just listened to. I feel justified in my fears and weirdness and quirks when people know my story. They see the “why”, not just me as I am now, as the result of the past, the pain. It’s a hard story to tell, but I know it must be hard to read as well. People are either disgusted and don’t want to read it, or are sympathetic and want to know my story or they are disaster whores, the ones who love to see the gore, who dive right into other people’s pain to feel better about their life.

I am okay with it all. As they say, everyone has a story, this is yet another post about it, but it is my Story. My Life as it is.